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White quinoa - a must eat super food!

Quinoa is just the right food for you and your family. You can enjoy this product in soups, salads or a sider.


Quinoa grains contain insoluble fiber that improves your digestion, do not contain gluten and help control your cholesterol levels. Try our product and check out our recipes on our website and Facebook Page!

Organic White Quinoa
White Quinoa

Exportation Information

WEIGHT                                              5 LB (2.27 kG)        

PACKAGE                                           BAG                                

UNITS PER CASE                               12 UNITS                        

UNITS PER PALLET                            1440 UNITS                    

CASES PER CONTAINER                   120 CASES (20 FT)         

SHELF LIFE                                         18 MONTHS                   


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