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A nutritious snack for you and your family!

Nowadays we have so little time to eat healthy and that is why we are looking forward on bringing to your home nutritious snacks.


Our Kinuwa cereal bars are ideal for those who love to eat healthy because they are made with quinoa, soy and oatmeal. We look after the production process so that the ingredients don’t lose their nutritional value. Our bars come in two different coverage flavors: chocolate and natural yogurt. They are sweeten with stevia and they come in a 20 gram presentation, each box contains 6 bars.


Exportation Information

WEIGHT                                              4.23 OZ (120 GR)          

PACKAGE                                           BOX                               


BARS PER BOX                                  6 UNITS - 20 GR EACH


UNITS PER CASE                               24 UNITS                       

UNITS PER PALLET                            1920 UNITS                    


CASES PER CONTAINER                   80 CASES (20 FT)         


SHELF LIFE                                         12 MONTHS                  


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