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Our history

Industria Alimenticia Mikuhna S.A. started with a dream of promoting and marketing safe and healthy food for both children and adult products. This dream was born in response to customs problem of our times.


The pace of modern life and poor eating habits have become the main reason of serious and terminal illnesses. High consumption of refined sugar is part of everyday life for both children and adults. However many people are unaware of the damage that it does to their health.


Katherine Guerrón , founder and owner of the brand - Kinuwa -Ancestral Foods and of Industria Alimenticia Mikuhna S.A. company, decided it was time to meet the people on these damages. She began trying to promote this life change at home and then decided to expand this culture worldwide, seeking to export Kinuwa's products.


We create products that are healthy and nutritious with ancestral foods that, improve people's quality of life. Thus contributing to the traditional harvest of andean ingredientes.


Responsability with environment is also part of our committment, that is why we use boxes made out of sugar cane and ecological soy ink.

Our company

Industria Alimenticia Mikuhna S.A. is founded on the pillars of the importance of health, nutritious and healthy food, and the conservation of our planet.

We care about the entire production chain, being careful about the methods employed on the crop farms that produce our grains as well as on the factory production process.

So that we can contribute to the care of our environment, the boxes used for Kinuwa - Ancestral Foods - products, are made with sugar cane fiber.

Kinuwa’s nutritious, healthy and appetizing product are made to be both kids and adults.Enjoy them!


We take andean ancestral food to your homes. Wherever you are!

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